In 2004, Whitewater Parks International was commissioned by the New York 2012 Olympic Bid Committee to review and refine their proposed whitewater facility concept, to be included in their bid for the 2012 Olympic Games. This work was needed in preparing the NYC2012 Final Bid Book and Legacy Plan for presentation to the International Olympic Committee.

WPI worked with venue architects and planners to coordinate the functional aspects of the facility with the over-arching design and logistical requirements of the Flushing Meadows Olympic Park – the anticipated multi-venue site for a number of Olympic events.

While London was ultimately awarded the honor of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, winning out over the other four finalist candidate cities in July 2005 (New York, Madrid, Moscow, and Paris), the conceptual work done in New York is still trying to find a way to grow into a world-class whitewater facility in one of the world's most international sport venues.


Artist’s interpretation created for NYC 2012
by Neoscape, Inc – Boston, MA



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