Penrith Whitewater Stadium ~ New South Wales, Austrailia

The 2000 Olympic Games have come and gone, but the Penrith Whitewater Stadium continues to carry out its Olympic legacy in style. The Stadium has become a project model for the future - a fully functioning and commercially successful sport venue, offering world-class whitewater to everyone from Olympic athletes to first-time curiosity seekers. Conveniently located within an hour's drive of a major urban center, Penrith has maintained its international appeal, hosting both the 2005 Slalom and 2005 Freestyle World Championships.


At Whitewater Parks International, we consider Penrith Whitewater Stadium to be a stellar whitewater facility operating model. It was constructed in 1999 for AUD$6.5 million and remains the only commercial Legacy facility from the 2000 Olympic Games with a history of financial success. Its time-tested performance underscores the unique revenue-producing potential of the purpose-built whitewater park concept. Steady annual growth in both patronage and net profit since Penrith's inception build a strong case for the viability of similar facilities in other large metropolitan areas. Our hands-on involvement in the creation and on-going development of the Penrith facility gives WPI a distinct advantage in applying the most successful elements of this time-tested working model to new projects in new locations.



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