Wherever you are in the development process, WPI can assist you in propelling your potential whitewater project towards successful completion. Together, we can determine a scope of services that will best suit your situation, followed by Free Estimates for those services. We also have informative ready-made materials available for you to get started promoting your vision on you own:

Learn more about our Feasibility Study Handbook
(US$45.00 plus shipping and handling)

Learn more about our Project Resource Package
(US$500.00 plus shipping and handling)

When the time is right, WPI can perform an initial Site Visit and provide a preliminary project analysis, determining what kind of whitewater facility will best match a specific site, community, and business profile.

Using a range of multi-media materials, WPI also gives informative Customized Presentations to potential stakeholders, community interest groups, and/or local government officials, demonstrating the many levels of benefit associated with whitewater facilities. All presentations are specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual circumstance, addressing topics such as:

  • Business Planning, Patronage Overview, and Revenue Projecting
  • Conceptual Models, International Comparisons, and Multiple-Use Strategies
  • Project Goals, Process Phases, Design Options, and Construction Timelines
  • Activity Programming, Community Access, Competitions and Special Events
  • Operational Structure, Staffing Schematics, and Procedural Guidelines

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